Engineering/Risk assessment

We set the project course…

According to Wikipedia1, engineering means: "… the practice of using [...] the engineering design process to solve technical problems, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve systems.”

Our design / engineering department offers much more. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop line concepts, design 2D and 3D layouts, plan production throughputs and design new developments.

Based on environmental and occupational safety-relevant provisions, our advice is always geared to find the best solution for your specific application. In most cases, however, this does not always require a completely new line, for which, in addition to investment sums, the necessary space must also be available. In this project-starting phase, the preparation of a feasibility study is often the best way to find the optimum solution.

Here, design and sales work "hand in hand" to present you with a modernization package consisting of several improvement measures that are individually tailored to your specific needs..


…and guide you to your goal

Once the decision has been made regarding a modernization or a new line, we continue to support you with the creation of individual designs from the draft drawing to the complete production documents.

These are transferred to production and in-house assembly via the automatic interface coupling between 3D/2D design and ERP system. Component-critical FEM analyses are performed by us and delivered with the technical documentation.

The same applies to the assessment of risks and the creation of safety concepts, which are included as standard in the hpl-Group's scope of delivery for the occupational safety of employees.

Whether completely new developments, productivity-increasing modernizations or special applications: the hpl-Group not only keeps an eye on all legal and market-relevant specifications, but also develops a line in close customer dialogue that is designed to meet your individual requirements, wishes and experience.



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Our services for you

  • 2D/3D conceptional line design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment
  • HSE management for line assembly (Health, Safety & Environment)
  • Performance Level assessment
  • Layout planning and creation
  • 3D scans of existing lines
  • VR visualization of your new or existing line
  • CE-compliant documentation

Your advantage

A strong and flexible engineering department with a perfect mix of experienced, innovative and flexible team thinking for the optimal and uncomplicated realization of your projects
Turn-key line engineering from a single source
State-of-the-art technologies for creating realistic line assembly drawings by means of 3D scanning, 3D CAD environment and 3D virtual reality
The implementation of component-critical and resource-optimized FEM analyzes with the corresponding technical documentation
Targeted knowledge transfer to develop an optimal line solution