Our Values

The success of our company is based on a clear definition of our targets, strengths and core values which we have followed consistently. 
Our basic principle is to work TOGETHER for offering our customers the best quality "Made in Germany"! 

> Talk to each other

You should always talk to each other, because ...

  • this ensures that the message is picked up by the person for which it is meant
  • any misunderstandings by third parties are successfully avoided
  • it improves collegiality and supports teamwork
  • it creates confidence and respect

... Talking about each other is easy, talking with one another is what we're living!

> Being honest and open

You should always be honest, because...

  • honesty is the basis for good cooperation which everyone should respect from each other
  • honesty creates a comfortable working atmosphere, thus releasing energy in each one 
  • honesty increases collaboration and improves the flow of information 
  • honesty increases the productivity

... honesty pays off and creates confidence!

> Have fun

Having fun at work ...

  • makes me satisfied and happy, generating a friendly working atmosphere between colleagues
  • helps me to overcome professional challenges and work off stress
  • strengthens the team spirit within the hpl-Group Germany 
  • improves your own productivity and efficiency

... makes me feeld good at work!

> Listen to each other

If we are always listening to each other ...

  • we can understand the point of view and action of each other
  • we can communicate our goals, expectations and emotions
  • we can communicate on a trustful and conflict-free basis 
  • it strengthens the team spirit within the hpl-Group

... we are an unbeatable team!

> Understand my own and others' emotions

I must understand my own and others' emotions, because emotions ...

  • inform about personal feelings and their consequences 
  • lead to an increased motivation and passion at work
  • lead to better feedback and have a high influence on decisions to be taken 
  • provoke a reaction and result in decisions and actions

... are a part of us and directly relate to our behaviour!

> Open up new vistas

You should also be able to put yourself in the position of others, because ...

  • it helps you to look at the world in a different light
  • you get to know the point of view of others and learn to understand it 
  • you learn to see situations through a different lens which helps you to include not only your personal point of view  
  • it helps you to develop new ideas and solutions

... each perspective has its own validity!

> Deal with faults / guilt

If I make a "mistake", ...

  • I should accept responsibility for it
  • I should immediately react to correct the mistake
  • I should find out the reason and possible consequences 
  • I should communicate this mistake and its reasons

... we all and our company can learn from it!

> Be fair

As long as I am fair, I ...

  • create the right conditions for a satisfying worplace
  • help to improve the frame conditions providing a good cooperation between the employees 
  • live by the motto "It is a case of give and take"
  • contribute my part to the company's success

... treat others the same way as I would be treated by them!