Productivity Solutions for the Metal Industry.

hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a German engineering company focused on the development and manufacturing of logistics, machining and processing systems for the metal industry. Next to customized and state-of-the-art systems and upgrades for all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, such as steel, stainless steel, coated metals and special metals, we also manufacture standardized line components for an efficient increase of line productivity - hpl-Neugnadenfelder is your competent contact along the complete supply chain. 

hpl-Group is part of the Neuenhauser Maschinenbau Group, a family-owned engineering company with approx. 2,800 employees, based in Neuenhaus/Germany.

Milestones in the history of the hpl-Group


1st new 4hi cold rolling mill for stainless steel


1st thin strip slitting line for stainless steel


1st 20-roller mill for stainless steel


1st 4hi reversing mill for copper and brass alloys


1st 2,000 mm wide strip handling system for tailored blanks


1st rolling mill for 700 mm wide magnesium strips


1st slitting line for 12 mm thick and 1,800 mm wide strips


Incoming order for the 40th edge trimming line since 1990


Delivery of the 1st slitting line for 0.02 mm thin strip made of ultra hard stainless steel. The line is running at a strip speed of 600 m/min


Incoming order for the modernization of a 4hi cold rolling mill for copper alloys in cooperation with Mills & more


Customer-oriented expansion of the "After-Sales and Spare Parts" department with a direct connection to the assembly and quality assurance of the hpl-Group


Incoming order for a twin-roll casting plant for the production of magnesium wire


Delivery, commissioning and acceptance of a state-of-the-art 4hi rolling mill


Incoming order for a slitting line for stainless steel foils


Incoming order for the modernization of a 12-roller mill in cooperation with Mills & more


Four customer orders in the area of strip edge trimming lines equipped with the first prototype systems for optical strip edge contour measurement


Further development of ConScan®, our online strip edge contour measurement device to series-production readiness. Contour measurement and display in real time.