Engineered Quality

The products and systems of hpl-Neugnadenfelder are generally used for a period of several decades. In order to achieve a high productivity and at the same time a very long useful life, quality must be a given.

We manufacture most of the key components of our products either in-house or within the Neuenhauser Group. This allows an unsurpassed ability to control the quality of our products. Combined with a stringent quality assurance system, including certification according to ISO 9001, all relevant quality steps in the manufacturing chain are planned, controlled and documented.

In addition, the hpl-Neugnadenfelder environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001 and the company was awarded the "Safety with System" quality seal for the correct implementation of national health & safety guidelines.

To receive the “Safety with System” quality seal, the company had to prove that the issues of health and safety are systematically integrated in all operational processes and taken into consideration at all times. This included not only a careful review of the operational processes based on a checklist, but also the attendance of regular training courses for both the general management and the staff.


Our most valuable asset: our employees

One of the fundamental management principles of hpl-Neugnadenfelder, more important than profitability, is the provisioning of secure and safe jobs for its employees. This is not only our understanding of social responsibility but also makes absolute business sense as well. Only a team with a long-term outlook and strong group cohesion can engineer, manufacture and service world-class products which can be used for decades.

We have 45 experienced employees, who are committed to providing the best value possible for our customers. This means placing a very high emphasis on the training of all employees, which starts with a comprehensive apprentice system and is continued throughout their working life with constant training and skills upgrades. The result is a team which has a very high identification with the company and a deep understanding of the business.