Strip connector

In addition to the welded connection, the stamped connection of sheet metal is one of the most frequently used variants when connecting strips made of brass, copper, aluminum or steel.

The hpl strip connector is designed to join the strip tail end of an outgoing steel strip to the strip head end of a new one. This connection is geared towards taking up high tensile forces at low costs with least possible time and without labour-intensive interventions in the production process.

For this kind of connection, the overlapping strip ends are joined. The overlap length corresponds to the width of the stamping tool. Depending on customer requirements and strip quality, the connection unit is available in 100 mm width increments.

Any tool from all well-known, cooperating manufacturers can be adapted and included/supplied. Stamps and dies can be exchanged with very little effort.

Your benefit

Designed for strip widths ranging from 200 to 1.500 mm and thicknesses from 0,1 to 5 mm made of brass, steel, copper and aluminum.
No additional connecting materials required, which in return are needed when welding, glueing or riveting metal strips.
Fast and safe tool exchange
Precise strip joining due to strip clamping and centering units
Long service life of the stamping tool
Separate fully-automatic protection device, adapted to the connection cycles
Safety features and equipment classified to Performance Level D in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1

hpl standard machines are available for strip widths ranging from 200 to 1.500 mm. Total material thicknesses from 0,1 mm to 5 mm can be connected without any problems. Also very thin metal strips below 0,1 mm thickness that are difficult to join can be connected using additional plates. Those can be inserted in the joining area. Joining several sheets has no negative impact on the connection quality.

The machine structure consisting of frame, guide units and hydraulic drive – also available with electric motor – features a modular design particularly developed for the different joining forces. This allows the unit to be adapted to the respective customer requirements. 

Additional strip clamps situated in the entry and exit side can be adapted to clamp and secure the strip. A strip centering system is furthermore available ensuring that the operating personnel can also position very sharp-edged strips safely.

The hydraulic system of the strip connector is designed to operate within the common pressure range of approx. 100 – 120 bar.  If higher joining forces are required, a pressure booster is used to avoid complex and, above all, expensive high pressure hydraulics.

All safety-relevant functions are equipped with additional shut-off valves ensuring that with the achieved Performance Level D a high reliability of the integrated safety functions is realized, regardless of whether the machine is operated manually or automatically integrated into the control unit.

In special customer applications, the strip connector can also be used as a stand-alone solution, regardless of the continuous strip flow, in the form of a hydraulic stamping unit or press.

If required, we will assist you preparing the risk assessment for the mechanical and electrical integration of the strip connector into your line concept.

If requested, the strip connector can be delivered with all required sensors, valves and pre-wired to terminal box.


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