Deburring Unit

The hpl deburring unit was developed as an additional component for our product group of strip edge trimming lines.

The constantly increasing demands on the strip edge quality and surface have motivated us to develop a product which, with various setting parameters in the best-equipped version, ensures the operator the greatest possible flexibility.

Your benefit

Available for strip widths ranging from 4 to 210 mm and strip thicknesses form 0,05 to 5 mm
Perfect surface finish of the machined strip edges for a precise further processing of the strip
Individually adjustabe deburring discs for an optimal final result
Deburring at all four strip edges / transitions in one single continuous process
Long service life of the deburring tools ensuring at the same time highest deburring quality

Especially for realizing high-precision surfaces, which are required today, for example, in the automotive and medical technology or in the textile industry, it is extremely important to generate a strip surface roughness with almost no undesired unevenness.

When cutting the strip edges to the required width, it must be ensured that no irregularities or burrs remain at the strip edges. Due to those burrs, the use of the final product could be difficult or, in most cases, impossible. Deburring is not about improving the look of the final product – which is, of course, a positive side effect – it is about ensuring its functionality and usability. For this reason, we recommend to integrate a deburring unit after the cutting stations for generating high-precision strip edges. If required, the deburring unit can additionally be equipped with a final stripping device.

As a separate module, our deburring unit can be installed after the strip edge trimming stations thus increasing the line efficiency in a simple and cost-effective manner. Depending on the required configuration stage of the deburring unit, our machine requires just a relatively small installation space.

For setting the burr removal in an optimum manner while the strip is running, the deburring unit can be adjusted individually by the operator on each of the machine’s deburring discs. We would advise against an automatic setting of the deburring since these minimum quantities of removed material require the subjective evaluation of the operator.

Both on the upper and lower strip side, the deburring unit height is individually adjustable. Each of the deburring discs can be set individually at an angle to the strip. The pressure point to the material can thus be adjusted very finely and the optimal result can be achieved. 

Of course, the strip width can also be set in a common range from 4 to 210 mm. The deburring discs made of high-quality tool steel enable a long service life, even when the deburring unit is constantly used, which in return leads to low maintenance costs.


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