Pivoting wind vane transporter s-rb-t 300

  • Created by HPL Group

"I need this third axis" - this key statement from our customer succinctly captures what distinguishes our new development from the field of hpl special applications. For the transport of up to 60 m long and over 15 tons heavy wind blades over a curvy mountain pass with gradients up to 32% and below up to 150 overhead lines, a third axis was indispensable. An off-the-shelf solution was therefore ruled out from the outset and we began to develop a new system in a solution-oriented manner with the customer in mind:

In cooperation with our partner Goldhofer AG, we have integrated an additional main swivel axis for maximum transport flexibility in rough terrain. In addition to the usual tilt angle of 0-60°, this allows the wind vane to pivot from 0 to max. +/-185° from the vehicle axis. The balancing or stabilization of the stability of the overall system of vehicle, tilt/swivel device and wind vane is achieved by automatic adjustment of the counterweight. This computer-controlled adjustment balances the mass of the transported material in the different positions and travel maneuvers, so that blades with a moment of up to 300 metric tons can be moved without any problems.

Coupled with the powerful PST heavy-duty modules from Goldhofer AG, a system has been developed in an extremely compact design that opens up completely new possibilities for wind vane transport and also enables transport in difficult terrain without any problems.

"The next transport unit for the wind vane class up to 550 meter tons has already been designed and will also soon be tested in the field," confirm project managers Daniel Moss and Siegbert Plasger.

"We are very much looking forward to the next challenging special applications" adds Managing Director Rüdiger Schury, underlining hpl's marching direction to always master any challenge, no matter how big, in the core area of belt conveyors and also special applications in a solution- and customer-oriented way.

Pivoting wind vane transporter s-rb-t 300
Swivel/tilt device of the s-rb-t 300