Goodbye to downtimes when changing shear knives!

hpl develops new cut-to-length shear that significantly reduces downtimes and enables shear knives to be changed in less than one (1) minute.

In the world of steel processing, every single minute counts. Machine downtimes can be expensive and impact the efficiency of the production processes. For this reason, we have adapted the design of our well-proven cut-to-length shears to market requirements and have already been able to change the shear knives in less than one (1) minute during test runs.

Thanks to a smooth-running shear changing unit equipped with two slide-in units, one shear knife is always in use cutting the steel strips with the well-known precision, while the other slide-in unit can be reloaded by the operator. This design ensures that valuable production time is no longer wasted on tool changes or maintenance work - an asset especially valuable when operating continuous strip processing lines. The customers benefit from higher productivity of their systems.

The new design has not changed the well-known precision and reliability of our sturdy cut-to-length shears. Our customers can continue to rely on them to meet even the most demanding requirements in the steel industry.



  • Both 0.2 mm thin and 10 mm thick strips are cut with high precision.
  • A customized eccentric adjustment enables infinitely variable cutting gap adjustment from 0 to 1 mm.
  • Thanks to its small installation dimensions, the hpl shear can also be easily retrofitted into existing strip processing lines.
  • Increased safety standards and simple operation when changing shear blades.
  • Low-noise operation of the cut-to-length shear
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