It doesn't always have to be new…

Do you operate a rolling mill, a slitting shear or a strip processing line and consider purchasing a new one to meet current standards? Why invest large sums of money to adapt production quality and volume to current challenges when retrofitting existing equipment is a more cost-effective alternative?

By replacing old software and hardware components and installing the latest technologies in accordance with current safety standards, we upgrade your production lines to increase both your productivity and the quality of your products. This means more efficiency with a lower level of investment at the same time.

We develop a tailor-made concept for you

For upcoming modernizations, we support you right from the start and offer you a complete package to tap the full potential of your existing lines. In a first step, our experienced and highly specialized experts inspect, analyze and document your existing production lines as part of an inspection on site. In the subsequent feasibility study, optimization-relevant questions such as "How can the line productivity be increased to ensure that the customer remains competitive in a rapidly-growing market?" or "How is the safety of the line operators guaranteed without restriction in accordance with all required standards?" are used to create a customized modernization concept for increasing the performance of the existing production lines.

Our modernization package does not only include the incorporation of existing line equipment into the digital world, but also describes in detail the options for resource-saving energy recovery, for retrofitting energy-efficient drives and modernizing electronic control systems as well as hydraulic components. In doing this, we consistently maintain the focus on compliance with the legal requirements for emission reduction and occupational safety.  

Due to the large number of retrofits we have already carried out, we can rely on extensive, highly specialized experience. The spatial conditions on site, the product mix as well as other production-relevant variables are completely included in our project specifications. Technologically high-quality modernizations and extensions that can be integrated into even the narrowest, spatial spaces are the solutions hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik GmbH is offering.

Our services:

  • Creation of a feasibility study upon inspection on-site of the existing line situation
  • Integration of the new components into the existing line peripherals
  • Conversion to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient drive solutions
  • Extension & modernization of the control system
  • Hazard analysis and safety retrofit
  • Visualization and acquisition of machine and energy data

Welcome to the age of sustainable change

In retrofitting existing production facilities, we do not only use the most advanced technologies, but also place a clear focus on sustainable resource conservation . Reducing energy consumption and energy costs is an essential part of our modernization concepts. Taking into account the conditions and installation situation on site, large effects can be achieved even with the targeted use of simple means:

  • Drive of the hydraulic supply pump by means of a frequency converter
  • Heat recovery for high drive power and exhaust
  • Retrofitting of motors on the line uncoilers for regenerative operation
  • Lighting of the line area with LED lamps
  • Efficient actuation of hydraulic and pneumatic components in line with actual demand
  • Reduction of noise emissions through sound insulation
  • Use of hydraulic accumulators in the hydraulic system for reliable coverage of peak consumption times
  • Automatic shutdown of non-system-relevant components at line standstill

Your advantage

Lower investment costs
A state-of-the-art machine
Complete turnkey implementation of your modernization projects, including electrical and mechanical installation
Minimal production downtime during assembly
Increased occupational safety at the line
Increase in product quality with simultaneous increase in line throughput
Reduction of energy costs through advanced drive systems
Energy monitoring by means of a higher-level connection
Replacement of obsolete hydraulic units with new servo applications
Cross-industry experience of our experts