Line efficiency and operator-friendliness in focus

High machine utilization with optimum user-friendliness is our approach to the continuous further development of our standard products.

In close dialog with our customers, we combine market-relevant needs with specified safety standards and develop systems featuring both machine efficiency and operator friendliness.
In this regard, we have just optimized the operator-friendliness of our well-proven cut-to-length shear. Thanks to a C-shaped design open to the operator side, the strip introduction to the cutting zone is significantly simplified and the downtime of the line is reduced. In addition, our shear can be moved on guide rails, thus ensuring optimized accessibility for maintenance work, which in turn also reduces the duration of prescribed maintenance intervals and thus increases the throughput of the entire line.
As the C-shear of the hpl-Group has a space-saving design, it can easily be integrated into already existing lines. If you are interested, please contact our sales team and let them inform you about the optimization possibilities in your plant.